It’s Been a Long Time

Wow! 2 years ago I started this page but never did get it off the ground. That is not to say that nothing has happened that would fit on here. Oh contrare , Mon Frere!

“Unbelievable!” has been my usual expression after reading some news pages on Twitter. And these are the pages that are supposed to be our esteemed media. If this is the case, we have sadly fallen from grace.

I have been really sick from the flu since last Saturday (Feb. 23) so I have listened to some marathon radio broadcasts about the assassination of JFK. One thing I was impressed with is that bulletins would be read and then a disclaimer read that they were not verified reports. There was a quote by Secret Service member Clint Hill that JFK was already deceased and then later two priests said JFK was deceased. Then official word came a short time later. Regardless of actual time of death, I think we all believe that signs of survival after the second shot took away part of JFK’s brain would have been reflexive activity of the organ systems shutting down. Still no report was seen as final until it had a verification.

Back in my earlier university days, we were taught “Verify! Verify! Verify!”. A retraction was seen as a badge of shame that affected the entire station/channel. False reports were seen as poison and retractions were rarely issued.


Welcome To Our Blog

Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched? Ever been taking a shower and feel like a set of eyes were upon you? You are not alone!

We have always been interested in the unusual parts of life and the things that nobody can explain. For us it goes back to the days of spooky stories on the “Wonderful World of Disney” weekend TV series and making up our own ghost stories with our cousins when visiting.

With our blog, we hope to bring back that feeling of a little chill, a thrill, and explore events that have occurred without explanation and that seem just a little too unusual to be real!